"I liked that you gave an option for challenging yourself, but also the option to stay in the regular pose without any pressure.


LOVED the connection between yoga and my faith!  The music playing, the verses and prayers were all great grounding reminders of who I am and how God made me and my body.  Definitely spiritually significant...reminded me during the week to turn on the music because of the connection I had felt during yoga.


You really are a great yoga teacher - I am learning lots about yoga, breathing example!"and God, but am able to laugh at myself when I can't do a pose because of your good

Tricia Foster-Mohan

London, Ontario

I liked that there were different stages of most poses for beginners, intermediate and experienced levels of yoga because it made people attempt a more difficult level and even if they couldn't complete the pose, they knew what they were working towards.


It was spiritually significant. The ways in which the biblical/faith "theme" for each class was incorporated into each class was extremely relevant and also made the class a lot more relaxing. It was interesting to see how poses connected to certain ideas present in the bible and then, as always, how they're relevant to our everyday lives.


I loved the classes! I think it's a wonderful way to bring faith into our lives in other avenues outside of the church, small groups, etc...

Mikiko Fukuda

London, ON

I loved that I could invite people without even questioning it would be good!  True to your high standards, it was very well thought out and delivered.  Very safe and inviting too :)


I just liked that I didn't have to question anything.  I don't do a lot of yoga and I don't fully understand eastern religions and all the lingo that at times can flow through the airwaves during a class, but it was just nice to not have to battle that in my heart/mind to an extent.  I liked being forced to slow down and meditate!


I'd recommend you in a heart beat :) KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK, YOU'RE AN INSPIRATION!!!

Julie Rains

London, ON

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