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By Monette Benjamin

 Monette’s yoga experience began unintendedly in 2014 by practicing yoga to have a break from studying and get some exercise.  Monette soon realized that the time on her mat was much more than a break, it became a very meaningful time to connect with God.  Monette was deeply touched by the many principles of yoga that reflected the Trinitarian Christian God and his desire for us to be whole in body, soul and spirit.  Monette began to strongly believe and feel that yoga was/is a beautiful piece of her journey of faith; by understanding, experiencing and connecting with God in a new, tangible and holistic way. 


Monette's desire to experience the healing and transformative presence of Jesus through yoga lead her to YogaFaith, a Christian Yoga School.  Monette completed her Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour with YogaFaith in May 2016 and obtained her RYT 200.  Monette now desires to share what she has learned with others, to practice awareness of the presence of Jesus through yoga postures, prayer and meditation; JOY, Jesus Orientated Yoga!  Monette believes it is such a precious treasure to share Jesus through the practice of yoga; to bring our whole being: body, mind, will, emotion and spirit into a deeper connection with the living God.  Her current mantra is based on the serenity prayer:


“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”


Monette spent a number of years (full time and part time) as a missionary in YWAM (Youth With a Mission).  As part of her time in YWAM, she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Counselling, with University of The Nations; studying and serving in many ministries internationally.  Monette also worked with refugee families settling in Canada as part of the Life Resource Centre, a community outreach centre for a church.  Currently, Monette works as an Addiction Counselor/Life Coach at a long-term, live in treatment center for alcohol and drugs. 




Class Information

Classes are designed for beginner to intermediate students who want to explore yoga and have an intentional time of reflection with God through the practice of yoga. Check the schedule weekly for the type of class and theme.

Upon Entering this season of Lent the 40 days leading up to Easter,  I would like to offer a little something different this year.  Last year we journeyed through The Stations of the Cross, and it was lovely.  However, this year I have reflected on the themes of Lent, and I feel drawn to focus on a posture of prayer each week.  I was reminded in a sermon recently of the importance of participating in these seasons of global reflection of the church, and I am finding that particularly true this year.


I know that I am not the best at social media and digital teaching, but I am going to attempt to have a daily picture, scripture, quote or prayer to focus on through this Lenten Season. These daily reflections will be posted on the private JOY Yoga FB page.  If you are not added, please email me and I will add you to the group.


Additionally, I will be posting a short practice video each Saturday focusing on a particular posture of prayer. Please feel free to share this email with anyone whom you think might light to join the series.


Week 1: Rest- supine posture [video February 20th]

Week 2: Remember- seated posture [video February 27th]

Week 3: Repent- kneeling posture [video March 6th]

Week 4: Restitution- prone posture [video March 13th]

Week 5: Restoration-standing posture [video March 20th]

Week 6: Postures of prayer flow [video March 27th] 

Meditation video April 2nd Good Friday


Hope you will be blessed through the reflections and practices!


*Please contact me  if you would like to arrange a private or group session.


Monette Benjamin

JOY-Jesus Orientated Yoga


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